When was the last time a beer surprised you?

Good beer is about technique, quality ingredients and skilled craftsmanship. Great beer comes from all of those things, and more. Great beer is about passion. It’s about elevating flavors and exploring new territory. We here at Beryl’s are obsessed with making great beer and doing it differently, with our own unique spin on traditional recipes. By barrel-aging many of our hand-crafted beers, we strive to craft inspired flavors that you may not be expecting. Colorado is home to the finest craft brewing culture in America, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it as we bring our distinctive take on truly small-batch, craft beers.

Stop by and see us and check out what we’re up to. There’s always something new in the tap room.

3120 Blake St. Denver, CO 80205

Monday: 3-10
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Saturday: Noon-11
Sunday: 2-9

Winter Holiday Hours:
Christmas Eve: Noon-6*
Christmas Day: Closed
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New Years Day: 2-7*
*hours may be extended at staff discretion


— Barrel Aged: Beryl’d Riga (Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter)

Aged in Bourbon barrels. Rich, full bodied, assertive whiskey flavor, warm, decadent

Availability:On Tap!

— Barrel Aged: Drunk Uncle Nick (Barrel-Aged Barley Wine)

Aged in Red wine barrels. Dark dried fruit, cherry, fig, raisin; much like a Port wine

Availability:On Tap!

— Barrel Aged: Logan’s Barrel Reserve 2.0 (Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter)

Aged in Brandy barrels and blended with Logan’s House cold pressed coffee.  Dark, roasty, chocolate, coconut.

Availability:On Tap!

— Barrel Aged: Riga Doms (Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter)

Aged in Brandy barrels.  Dark, rich, smooth, maple.

Availability:On Tap!

— Barrel Aged: RiNo Cluster Fuggle (Barrel-Aged Belgian Rye)

Aged in Bourbon barrels. Rich, full bodied, assertive whiskey flavor, warm, decadent

Availability:On Tap!

— Barrel Aged: Vila Wald 16′ (Barrel-Aged Dampfbier)

Aged in wine barrels.  Light, bright, refreshing, stone fruit, tannins

Availability:On Tap!

1876 Ale (Colorado Session)

Colorado Ale.  Sessionable.  All Colorado ingredients.

The giving beer! A portion of proceeds goes to charity!

Availability:On Tap!

A-Line (IPA)

Availability:On Tap!

Andrezvous (Coffee Infused Baltic Porter)

Baltic Porter with Coffee from Logan House Coffee Company

Availability:On Tap!

Antero (English Ale)

Our English House Ale.

Availability:On Tap!

Dick Nichols (Extra IPA)

Huge citrus. Orange, tangerine, apricot. Bursting with Rakau, Huell Melon, Ella and Madarina  Sure to explode in your mouth


Availability:On Tap!

Mila Rouge (Petite Sour)

Petite Sour Saison with Black Currant and Tart Cherries

Availability:On Tap!

O.G. Dunkel (Bavarian Dunkel)

Bavarian Dunkel. Served in a full or 1/2 L stein.  Malty. Clean. Easy drinking.

Availability:On Tap!

Paper Moon Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Assertively dry-hopped pale ale in the spirit of American Pale Ales, but noticeably less citrusy with complex fruit notes and a malty backbone

Hops:Calypso, Jarrylo, Rakau, Southern Cross
Availability:On Tap!

Riga (Baltic Porter)

Baltic-style Porter. Meant to be stronger than brown porters for domestic consumption, this style of beer was brewed for trade in the Baltic States. Added hops were originally intended for preservation over long voyages.


Availability:On Tap!

1876 Colorado Ale

1876 Ale
100% Colorado ingredients.
100% for Colorado.

Our great state was born on August 1st, 1876. With all that Colorado has given us, we wanted to do something to support the state and the community that we love. 1876 Ale is our take on an American style ale, but with all the malt, hops, water and hard work coming from within our borders, we feel it’s more appropriate to call it a Colorado Ale. With its smooth malt body and subtly complex hop undertones, it’s the perfect session ale for our state. We’re awfully proud of this beer, but it’s what we do after we’re done brewing that we’re most proud of.

A full dollar from every pour of 1876 ale (whether in our tap room or your favorite watering hole) goes straight to Denver Beer Olympics, a local charity raising money for leukemia and other blood disease research through… well… beer. 1876 Ale supports Colorado farmers, Colorado beer drinkers and a great local Colorado cause.

Swing by our tap room and experience 1876 Ale. 100% Colorado ingredients. 100% for Colorado.




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