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Action at the Century Casino, Denver Colorado

One of the great aspects of Beryl’s Beer Company is that it’s situated right in the middle of one of the USA’s most exciting cities, Denver, Colorado. This means that it can work as the perfect base for an evening of fun at any of the many entertainment options on offer in the city.

In late June 2017, myself and a group of friends from Slotscatalog planned to spend a weekend evening at one of Denver, Colorado’s most popular casinos: Century Casino in Central City. We had heard a lot about the games on offer and the excitement of playing at Century Casino from some people we had met in the local area, so decided that we had to go. But, on the Friday before, we had so much fun at Beryl’s Beer Company that we simply had to start our Saturday night at that glorious tavern.

So, that’s what we did: we arrived at Beryl’s Beer Company at around 5 p.m. to give us plenty of time to try out some more beers and grab plenty of food from the nearby trucks. As we arrived in the midst of the venue’s three-year anniversary celebrations, we were lucky enough to enjoy the festivities on offer, which included some new beers.

They had many ‘special taps’ dedicated to their classic beers, of which they only made one keg of each. The exclusivity of these beers made them even better. The Firecatcher beer was a nice stout and one that my friend Charlie stuck with throughout our stay on Saturday afternoon, while the rest of us made the most of their collaborative beer, the Des Cousines, while it lasted.

Having enjoyed some food and indulged in many of the fantastic beers on offer at Beryl’s Beer Company, we were ready to embark on our trip to Century Casino – my first visit to a land-based casino.

The taxi ride was a reasonable price and took around 50 minutes to get from Beryl’s to the casino, which gave me plenty of time to ask my friends as to the customs of a brick-and-mortar casino and what I should expect. My workmates detailed an elaborate spread of tables hosted by expert dealers, the thrill of seeing a stack of chips pushed my way, and the advancements in slot machine technology.

The Slot Games

I used to think that casinos had stuck with the classic, massive, standing slot machines where you put in a coin, pull the handle and wait on the three reels to all show sevens. This way of playing slots didn’t really appeal to me as I’m a seasoned online casino player who very much enjoys the varied features, themes, animations, and big-win opportunities of online slot games.

My favorite, go-to game at the time of writing is Book of Ra by Novomatic. The topic of ancient Egypt has always been of interest to me, so when a game pops up with an ancient Egyptian theme, in this case directly citing the god Ra, I have to play it. With free spins and a slew of symbols in the historic theme spinning on the reels, it has become my top game.

I was very much hoping to see some ancient Egypt-themed slots at the Century Casino in Denver, Colorado, but I also held a candle for old Western style slot games, such as NetEnt’s Dead or Alive, as well as the unique games that diverge from the three or five reel setup, like the crazy game Bonanza from Big Time Gaming. In any case, I wanted to see some top-class slot games in the land-based casino, even if they weren’t my favorite online casino titles.

I’ll admit, when we arrived, I didn’t expect much of a casino in Denver, but the interior, huge gaming floors, and dining areas were very impressive. Upon entry, I could feel the buzz of the players vying for the win at the tables and the distant chimes of hundreds of slot machines on their designated floor. As much as I wanted to get stuck into the gambling action, a few of the group wanted to have a quick bite to eat to help keep them sharp for the table games.

We had a lot to choose from on the food front, with the Mid City Grill offering the traditional restaurant feel and the Retro Deli and Tavern with quicker, less heavy food like sandwiches, hot dogs, stir-fry dishes, and nachos. We went for a range of items from the Retro Deli and Tavern so that we didn’t use up too much time on the food.

Afterward, it was down to the casino games. We had no choice but to start at the table games to get the real authentic casino experience, facing off against the dealer in battles of skill and nerve. Roulette was my first choice, using my shrewd strategies to land some quick wins. Following a few rounds on the up, I met a couple of friends at the craps table, where one of them was on a roll.

Very few experiences can compare to being at the craps table and backing the shooter’s hot-streak, especially as it’s one of the few casino games which haven’t migrated to online casinos yet. As the rolls continued to pull in wins, I decided to get out on a high, leaving just three shots before the seven bounced up. I didn’t have as much luck at the blackjack table, seeing my playing stack cut down to around half over a good 30 minutes of play, so I went to my preferred scene of the slots.

The Century Casino slot floor is vast, boasting around 500 games. I strolled up the lanes, peeping around to find one that gave me that ‘must play’ gut feeling. It was one of the more modern machines that pulled me in, with one of my first ten spins yielding a sizeable reward. I stuck with it, winning here and there until, on one fateful spin, I landed the feature. In the feature, I won close to $200 – more than covering my night’s activity. I walked away from the machine very happy.

With a bit of time left, I decided to try my hand at video poker for the first time. I had played a fair bit of Texas hold’em poker before, so I knew the basic rules. It took a while to get the hang of it, and I ultimately walked away with a slight loss, but it was fun working out the mechanics and making winning plays.

We met up at the end for a few more rounds at the craps table before cashing in our chips. Two left with very little in their pocket of winnings, while the other three of us left with more cash than we had to play with at the start of the evening.

Overall, we couldn’t have planned a more enjoyable casino trip in Denver. It started with a very pleasant stretch at Beryl’s Beer Company – a venue which we almost stayed at all night – before tucking into some grub and gaming at the very impressive Century Casino in Central City.